Swim Goggle Bottle Buddies


Ooo i am SO stoked about being a camp counselor in Design Dazzle’s fun Summer Camp Series! i’m lisa from hoopla palooza, a place where you will find seriously fun food and craft tutorials along with an occasional craft cartoon for your enjoyment.

today we are going to make these:

1-swim-goggle-bottle-buddies-title-hooplapalooza (1)

your kids will have a blast making their own personalized bottles and they are super duper easy to make.

 let’s do this.



tell the kids the goggles are actually root beer goggles and the company screwed up on the label. :>O

you can get them and the stickers at target.

as well as the starbuck’s drinks too for the bottles but they can be found at most grocery stores. you can drink them up and then remove the labels and wash them out to get them ready.

 then grab those sharpie markers and have the kids go to town! 

we used the oil based markers and did not heat the bottles. just hand wash and you are good to go. plus i like the vibrancy of the oil markers (you can get them at michael’s or hobby lobby).

we also cut the eyeball stickers in half so they can fit into the goggles.



then when the bottles are all decorated, grab the straws and umbrellas.


and there you have it.



ready for a cartoon? it wouldn’t be hoopla palooza without a cartoon.



9-swim-goggle-bottle-buddies-punch-hooplapalooza 10-swim-goggle-bottle-buddies-white-hooplapalooza 11-swim-goggle-bottle-buddies-golden-tan-hooplapalooza 12-swim-goggle-bottle-buddies-sunburned-hooplapalooza

what are they lookin’ at anyway?

13-swim-goggle-bottle-buddies-dolphin-hooplapaloozaoh! they’re at the beach checking out the dolphins. 14-swim-goggle-bottle-buddies-dolphin-swim-hooplapalooza 15-swim-goggle-bottle-buddies-watching-hooplapalooza 16-swim-goggle-bottle-buddies-aeriel-view-hooplapalooza


you dolphins got the screen all wet.


no prob.

we’ll just dry it off and enjoy our drinks out of our kid decorated bottles.


hey that was FUN!

thank you SOOO much DESIGN DAZZLE for having me!



Lisa is an RN who blogs for fun and is a wife and mom of 2. she has 4 other homes-michaels, hobby lobby, joann fabrics and target. when she’s not there, you can find her over at hoopla palooza where all her insanity plays out, cuz it’s all about fun y’know? you can connect with her at: 

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Posted on June 20, 2014
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  1. Holly @ Coconutheadsurvivalguide says:
    June 21, 2014

    Hi Toni – Thank you so much for having Lisa guest post today. I love her blog! And now I’m following you too! Awesomeness!!!

    Hi Lisa – Adorable as always. I’m the curly and red one tee hee!!! The kids will have so much fun making these at camp this summer.

    Hugs, Holly

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