Summer Picnic and Panning for Gold


Many of my childhood summer memories are of playing outside.  We had the BEST babysitter on the planet!  She would make snacks and sandwiches to take with us on picnics in the back yard.  We loved every minute of it!  There, we would imagine we were on a safari or digging for gold.

Building upon those memories, I planned an old-fashioned picnic.  I bought snacks and made sure to incorporate my daughter’s favorite punch (Blue Hawaiian Punch and Lemonade – equal parts of both.  I also include lemon slices for taste and decoration).  It’s great, and so easy to make!  Beside the snacks I placed a cute, little chalkboard easel (found at Wal-Mart), and wrote “Dig In!” with a chalk marker.







For our activity, I chose “Panning for Gold”.  I purchased a kiddie pool for $6.00 at the Dollar General Store along with a 50lb bag of sand from Home Depot (they had them on sale for $2.50), and a small bag of aquarium rocks at PetSmart ($2.50).  I spray-painted the aquarium rocks with gold spray paint.  They turned out awesome and looked just like real gold pieces!!  For the pan, I had originally thought about taking pie tins and punching holes in them but decided against this as I was afraid the kids might get hurt.  Instead I went to Dollar Tree and found these adorable sand sifting plates in the beach toy section for only $1.00 each.  Once the sand was in the kiddie pool, we poured in the gold pieces and mixed them up really well.  An additional tip –  you could also add water if you like for a more authentic panning experience.




Everything worked out perfectly!  Such a simple and fun afternoon that the all the kids enjoyed! The bigger kids had fun hanging out, talking, and snacking while watching the little ones search for gold.




kim-headshot2I am Kimberly from and am so honored to be asked to contribute to Summer Camp again this year!  Thanks to Toni for having me today!  Please feel free to follow me on Pinterest. Have a great summer!

Posted on June 17, 2014
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