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Making a Rainstick featured on Design Dazzle

Making a Rainstick! A rainstick is a percussion instrument that mimics the sound of rain. But they’re not just for making music – they are also just fun to play with and the sound is really soothing. Rainsticks may have originated in Chili and it is believed they were used to evoke rain spirits. My son made one at summer camp when he was only four years old and we had so much fun playing with it! I’ve wanted to make one ever since. So, since my sons are grown, I borrowed my neighbor Daniel to help me. It was an easy, fun and inexpensive craft.  Here’s how we did it . . .

SUPPLIES NEEDED: A thick cardboard tube – the longer the better {we used a mailing tube}, nails {make sure they are shorter than the depth of the tube, duct tape, & rice or beans. Tools needed: a drill or a hammer.

How to Make a Rainstick.jpg

Step 1: Pilot some holes in the cardboard with a drill. {I did this part for Daniel}. Make sure to use a small bit so the holes aren’t too big. If you don’t have a drill handy, try just hammering the nails in.

Step 2: Insert the nails. {More nails = more rain!}

Step 3: Use duct tape to cover the tube. This is a fun way to decorate the rainstick plus it keeps the nails in place.

Step 4: This is what it looks like inside!

Step 5: Pour in rice, beans, legumes – whatever you have on hand. We tried all three & Daniel thought the rice sounded the most like rain.

Step 6: Cover the ends of the tube with duct tape. Just for fun, we made a pattern with some thin duct tape.

If you’re doing this craft with your little campers, it might be fun to teach them about the other cultures that use them & how they were originally made. {Here’s a hint: dried cactus with the thorns pushed in!}

Muffy Head Shot 1

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Posted on June 25, 2014
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