A DIY Pool Raft Toy

I’m so happy to be joining in the Design Dazzle Summer Camp series!  With five kids, summer time is one of my favorite times and with our Texas heat, we spend lots of time in the pool, playing and throwing pool parties!  I made a simple DIY pool raft toy and I’m going to share the tutorial with you!  {Note: this is a toy, not a lifesaver or trusted flotation device.  As with all pool activity, please make sure the kids are playing under attentive supervision.}

pool raft toy

To make this toy pool raft, you’ll need one pool noodle cut in half {the dollar store kind will work fine} and a piece of fabric measuring 37 inches by 20 inches.  I used a waterproof outdoor fabric but you could use a heavy canvas or broadcloth as well.

supplies for pool raft DD

Fold 1/4 inch under on both long edges and stitch them down.  I top-stitched two lines to give it a sportier look.

stitched edge DD

To make the casings for the noodles, take a short edge, fold it over the noodle, making sure it’s fairly tight, pin it in place, remove the noodle, and stitch along that line.  If you want to do it a bit differently, you could also leave the noodle in and use a zipper foot to sew right up against it {like you would with piping} but be sure the fit is tight.  You don’t want the noodle slipping out.

Repeat on the other side so you have two casings.

casing for noodle DD

Slide the noodles into the casings.  If you made your casings tight enough, this is a bit tough but just slowly push it through.

noodle for raft DD

That’s it!  You’ve just made a really fun pool toy that the kids can use as a chair {perfect for perching on during a water gun fight} …

sitting raft DD

… a floating mattress for relaxing …

back float on raft DD

… or a raft for floating and swimming.

swimming with DIY raft DD

However they choose to use it, they’ll have fun … and you can bet they’ll find some inventive method that never even crossed my mind!

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Posted on June 6, 2014
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