4th of July Gumball Container Poppers!

Hello Design Dazzle readers, I am thrilled to be here today as part of this fun Summer Camp Series for kids. My name is Jennie “Jen” and I my blog is called  Craft-O-Maniac. Today I am sharing something so fun and so easy. “4th of July Gumball Container Poppers.” This is a fun up-cycled project. If you buy those airborne tablets like my family does, especially during the winter season, “save them!’ you will need those containers for this. Once the tablets are all used up, peel off the sticker, wash any sticky residue off, rinse them out, and dry them.  Next take some patriotic 4th of July washi tape and wrap the bottoms of the containers just a few wraps is all it needs. Then take 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue gumball the “medium” sized ones, and fill up your containers. Now you have these super darling “4th of July Gumball Container Poppers!” to hand out at your 4th of July party, bbq, picnic, or even pass them out at a 4th of July parade. Kids can enjoy chewing up some yummy flavorful gum while they watch the parade or watch fireworks. The best part about this project is its so darn easy for kids to make. They will love these and really enjoy making them too.

4th of july gumball container poppers 1 pic monkey

4th of july gumball container poppers washi tape

4th of july gumball container poppers 2

4th of july gumball container poppers3

4th of july gumball container poppers4

Thanks again Design Dazzle for having me today.


Posted on June 16, 2014
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  1. Lisa says:
    June 23, 2014

    Super cute!

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