DIY Paint and Fabric Rug Makeover & Home Depot Giveaway

DIY paint and fabric rug makeover. Decoupage fabric onto an inexpensive rug with a little paint and you end up with a darling rug! Design Dazzle #decoupage #rugmakeover #DIYproject

How do you like this cute rug makeover using an inexpensive (under $20) rug from Home Depot?  I decided to make the rug look like a hopscotch  drawn with “chalk” on a “blacktop”with fun polka dot numbers added. Not only did I use paint on the rug but I also took it to another level and figured out how to decoupage a rug with fabric. I just love how it turned out and I think this could be cute in any kids’ playroom, or bedroom. You could also do something totally different from a hopscotch, you could paint a name, or a town for your little  cars and blocks. There are endless possibilities to a diy: paint and fabric rug makeover.

There is also some really GOOD news… is giving away $3,000 in Home Depot e-gift cards from 4/21 to 4/23 (Fifty $20 gift cards each day). The giveaway will run simultaneously with a $10 off purchases of $100 or more deal. You can make your own rug with winning an e-gift card!  Check the bottom of the post for ALL the details.

DIY paint and fabric rug makeover. Decoupage fabric onto an inexpensive rug with a little paint and you end up with a darling rug! Design Dazzle #decoupage #rugmakeover #DIYproject

Materials for the rug makeover:

– 6×8 Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug ($18 Home Depot)

-flat paint (I used Sherwin Williams Color To Go:  Colors: Black Magic and Crisp Linen)

-Textile Medium for painting on fabric

– Paint Roller

-Paint Tray

– Yard Stick


– 15×15 inch square template

– Small hand paint brush

– Fabric

Elmer’s Glue All

– Number templates at


1. Depending on what look you are going for this step my not be necessary. The rug we purchased comes in two colors – charcoal gray or tan. We bought the gray but wanted it to look more like a school blacktop. So I painted it! The first step is to roll water on to the entire rug with a paint roller. This helps the rug absorb the paint.

DIY: Paint and Decoupage Rug Makeover -- Design Dazzle

2. I happened to have the paint already in my paint stash. Sherman Williams Color-To-Go are paint samples, not to be used on house walls or furniture). So I figured the paint would work well for this project. Mix up the paint with the textile medium. Typically you are supposed to mix in 1 part textile medium to 2 parts paint. We mixed in 1 part textile medium to about 3 parts paint and added 3-4 tablespoons of water to thin out the paint (per every cup of paint). This paint “recipe” was loosely followed.

DIY: Paint and Decoupage Rug Makeover -- Design Dazzle

3. Once the paint is ready to go roll on the paint to the rug. Make sure it is as even as possible. When painting a rug there may be some uneven parts, thankfully for the look we were going for it worked. It made it look more authentic to a blacktop. Depending on how much water is in the rug it may take overnight for the rug to dry completely.

DIY: Paint and Decoupage Rug Makeover -- Design Dazzle

4. Once the rug is dry its time to draw your hopscotch. We made a template that was 15 inches by 15 inches out of old scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper is typically 12×12 so we had to add 3 inches to each side. That’s why there is tape on the template.

5. Use a yardstick to find the vertical center of the rug. We used chalk to draw little place markers along the way.

6. Start the first hopscotch square 3 inches from the bottom of the rug. Make sure it is centered. We put chalk dots at each corner of the square and continued on from there. Just move the template up where the next hopscotch square should be and draw some more dots.  The reason why we drew dots is because it is easier to fix if you make a mistake.

7. Once you have all the dots in place you can use the template to draw the lines for the squares and finish off the half circle at the top. The square paper shown is our template.

DIY: Paint and Fabric Rug Makeover-- Design Dazzle

8. Next step is to paint the lines for the hopscotch. We used the crisp linen paint which is a little off white and makes the rug look vintage which we LOVE. We watered down the paint a pit to thin it down. We used the small paint brush to paint the lines.

9. The best part about painting the lines is we wanted them to look somewhat free hand. The lines could be thick, they could be thin, they could be dark or light. It didn’t matter if you messed up a tiny bit because it made it look more hand drawn. The trick to making the paint look like chalk is to lift the paint brush up at the end of the line to make it lighter. Also don’t try to fill in all the parts where the carpet didn’t grab the paint.

Tutorial: DIY Paint and Fabric Rug Makeover -- Design Dazzle

10. Now for the numbers. We found the font Sketch Block on that we liked. We printed out the numbers on each on a single page 1-7. The numbers didn’t fit onto a whole page so we added the missing parts on when we traced them. (You can see the top of the 2 is missing.)

11. Trace the numbers backwards on the back of the fabric, we used chalk to trace.

12. Cut out the fabric numbers and iron if necessary. Another thing you could do that would be easier is to find a font on the Cricut that you might like and have the cricut do all your cutting for you.

Fabric decoupage on a rug - Design Dazzle

 I placed the fabric number onto a piece of parchment paper and painted the back of the fabric with Elmer’s Glue All. Carefully place the fabric down on the rug in the correct position. Make sure not to get any glue on the rug except for directly under the fabric.

Place a piece of parchment paper onto the top of the fabric. I placed a cookie sheet loaded with several books to weight it down and placed on top of the fabric. Once dry (remove the books) – then paint the top of the fabric with more glue. As you can see in the above image, we are careful to paint only the fabric and not get any glue on the rug.

Painting the top of the fabric makes it more sturdy. I’ve actually vacuumed the rug a few times with no problems.


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Disclosure: All opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of or Home Depot. I was compensated for this post – all ideas are my own. Giveaway sponsored by and The Home Depot.

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