Noah’s Ark 1st Birthday Party

Colorful Noah's Ark Birthday Party! Perfect dessert table!

Noah’s Ark 1st Birthday Party is so unique and clever! I love seeing birthday party themes I haven’t ever seen before. This Noah’s Ark 1st Birthday Party from Clemens Designs is definitely a must-see!  When you use the birthday child’s name as the theme it definitely becomes more memorable and can add a lot to the festivity!

noah's ark 1st birthday letters

Colorful Noah's Ark Birthday Party! Beautiful cake to compliment the party.

How amazing is this cake topper?

noahs ark birthday party

If you are having a backyard party, bringing indoor dressers out is always a simple way to add to the display.

noahs ark birthday party

Adorable animal plates to add to the Noah’s ark theme.

noahs birthday party

A rainbow color theme can make any party much brighter and more fun!

noahs party


Posted on February 25, 2014
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