Summer Camp: Rainbow Bird Streamers

Design Dazzle Summer Camp: Rainbow streamers made from plastic table covers!

Before school let out, I happened by my son’s preschool while they were on the playground. I still smile thinking about what I saw this group of little ones doing–vibrantly using their imaginations with simple props. Holding the handles of long streamers that trailed behind them, they chased each other through the playground as “rainbow birds,” arms out, giggling and little legs pumping as quickly as they could. It was one of those true parental treats to witness.

rainbow bird-7

rainbow bird-9

Once I handed these to my elementary school daughter, I found out that the imagination still mixed well with them even though she is older. Looping and spinning, the rainbow bird streamers made for a marvelous dance performance. And at home, the kids both had a fantastic time running through yard streaming rainbows behind them.

rainbow bird-11 rainbow bird-12

You can be a little creative with what you use for the streamers; alternates to the cut plastic table cloths used here are ribbon, crepe paper streamers or long strips of fabric. The plastic table cloths were chosen because they have a little durability and are still very inexpensive to purchase. I got all my supplies at the dollar store!

rainbow bird-14

rainbow bird-15

Spinning with the streamers was definitely a favorite.

rainbow bird-16

rainbow bird-17

Even Dad thought playing rainbow bird was at least a little fun. See that enthusiasm!

rainbow bird-18

So on to how to make these pretties.

rainbow bird-2

Each set of tablecloths will make about 5 sets of rainbow streamers.


Jump rope with handles
Rectangular plastic table cloths in rainbow colors

rainbow bird-1



Remove the rope from the jump rope, leaving only the handles. Make sure you get the kind of jump ropes that have big holes at both ends, or it’s going to be a frustrating process to thread all those streamers through the handles.
rainbow bird-3
Cutting the plastic tablecloths into strips is a snap. Take the tablecloths out of their packages and leave them all folded up. Trim an 1/8 of an inch off the short edge of the plastic. This just takes off any folded part and makes it so you don’t have to split the length of a very long streamer. Cut a 2-inch or so wide strip from the folded tablecloth. When you pull them apart, you’ll have 4 separate streamers.
rainbow bird-4
Stack two of each color streamer into a pile. Repeat for your second handle.
rainbow bird-5
Feed the streamers through the jumprope handle and tie a knot in the bunch of streamers.
rainbow bird-6
Pull the knot through jumprope handle so the knot is hidden. And you’re done! Unless you’ve misplaced your scissors and have to go searching the house for one of the 6 pair (that all seem to have legs) that you own like I did, the whole project shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes to do.

My four year old son did seem to have a little issue with the length of these, so you could easily fold the strips in half instead of using 2 to create a shorter version of these for those with shorter legs!

Hand the streamers over to the kids and watch them play!

rainbow streamers made from plastic table covers


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