Royal Baby Nursery

Royal Baby Nursery - Design Dazzle

Are you anticipating Prince Williams and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge first born child? Will the baby be a boy or girl? Lots of excitement for Anglophiles throughout the world for this eagerly-awaited baby.

Would you like to see what the Royal baby nursery? The theme coule be Regal Sophistication, Classy Chic, Modern Vintage or? Whatever theme is chosen the Prince or Princess will most likely be in a very beautiful room!


I chose to do a design board representing Regal Sophistication baby nursery for a Princess. The walls would be painted a creamy off white with touches of gold gilding. The carriage crib would be adorned with pink silk crib bedding shown in the image.

Art for baby’s room??

personalized art work

Personalized custom artwork or if there is a Sweet Ballerina in the house.

What would there be TWO of??

Since I’m guessing the room might be a little larger than most – imagine two crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. How about TWO rockers – one for mom and dad! A comfortable chair is perfect for bonding time with baby.The rocker is certainly more modern then the rest of the furniture but place a ruffled pillow on the chair and it will help integrate the classy chair into the nursery.

This nursery also has a royal price tag of approximately $20,000. Certainly out of most peoples nursery budget.

Carriage Crib

Pink Romantic Baby Bedding

French Carved Armoire…..Color Ivory

Pretty In Pink Waterfall Chandelier

Empire Rocker
Lace Rosa Rug

French Changer and changing table

Check back for a Royal baby nursery for a prince!



Posted on July 14, 2013
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