Summer Camp: You Are My Sunshine Canvas Art

I am very excited to be invited back to share another round of my summer camp. There are big changes since last summer’s camp! My camp has since grown to include the younger siblings of our original campers, since they all have younger siblings now! How fun to have another group of littles come and enjoy some stories, songs and snacks!

While I was planning for the younger kids version of camp I was astonished to realize just how young Dominic and his friends were when we hosted the first camp session. Dominic was a mere 20 months old and he was the oldest!! In my eyes my little lady is still a baby and yet she was the same age as her big brother when we started. Crazy!!

This time around since the older siblings are out of school for the summer and as I am needing a routine desperately to get me through the long summer days, I came up with a special “Siblings” version of camp, wherein the campers are siblings who must work together to complete a project and/or craft. I revamped the structure of the camp so that we have a two hour camp every Thursday of summer. Each week the theme will change and campers will be able to pick and choose which week to attend. I have some really fun themes planned so far.

The first theme of our siblings camp was “Summertime!” Siblings joined together to hear stories about summertime, we sang special summertime songs and danced and then we headed to the kitchen table to work on our artwork! I found this idea on Pinterest (surprise!!) and instantly knew that I HAD TO DO IT!! It will be such a special keepsake one day and I have already hung it proudly in our playroom for all to see.

SUNSHINE Footprint Art! Perfect kids craft for this summer! Easy and fun craft!

Here is how we did it:

1. Get your cute older sibling assistant to paint your canvas the background color. The beauty of this is that you can use any color scheme you’d like! We chose white, baby blue and two shades of yellow, one a little lighter than the other.

2. Next use your handy dandy Disney princess hair dryer to expedite the drying process. Little sister was more than happy to help with this step.

3. Now it is on to your sun: we chose the darker yellow for the large sun circle. I painted the outline and had big brother paint in the inside.

4. For this next step you need one sibling at a time. I utilized big brother first and had him sit on the floor while sister and I painted the bottom of his left foot. Both kids LOVED this step! Big brother loved the tickles and little sister loved making big brother laugh! Win-win!! Once his foot was coated well, we had him place his foot on the canvas and I pressed on the backside to ensure it transferred completely.

5. Repeat this step several times, staggering the footprints about 6″ around the large yellow circle.

6. Now it is time for little sibling to get tickled.

7. Press their foot in the spaces between big siblings footprints. Allow time to dry!!

8. Using the blue paint I then swirled the paint in circles until I had a pretty good cloud shape. Big brother helped me with this step. Again it was time to dry.

9. Lastly I used white letter stickers to spell out “You Are My Sunshine”. I traced around them with a black permanent scrapbooking pen and removed the stickers. I liked the way it looked better, but you could always go in and paint the letters, too.

10. My last step, as with any artwork we make, was to put their names around the cloud to make an outline. At the very edge of the canvas I put the date.

This is such an easy and CUTE, UNIQUE piece of art that your siblings can cooperate on together. Since we have a 2 and 4 year old this was an important concept for me to focus on right now.

I hope that you will try this with your own little ones this summer!!”

Jolea Broome

The Friendship Odyssey


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Posted on June 19, 2013
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