Summer Camp: Stained Glass with Kids

Design Dazzle Summer Camp - Stained Glass with Kids

Hey guys! My name is Holly from Life as a Thrifter, and I’m super excited to have the opportunity to share a fun summer activity with you all today! Being a thrifter, I’m always on the lookout for projects at the thrift stores…and since old windows are always a cheap and easy find, I decided to use one for my latest project!

I started by sketching out my picture on the front of the window with a dry erase marker.

Next, I turned the window over and taped off my sketch with painters tape. (You may or may not want to do this step…it’s certainly not necessary depending on the kind of art your looking for!)

making stained glass with kids

Then, I prepared several bowls full of “glass stain” paint and marshmallows.

Using the marshmallows, my daughter Ross dipped them in the paint…

and stamped them on the window.

steps to making stained glass with kids

Once we finished, I carefully peeled the tape off.

Design Dazzle Summer Camp - stained glass using marshmallows and paint


Painting with marshmallows was definitely a hit…but eating them was even better!

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Posted on June 19, 2013
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