Summer Camp: Melted Crayon Abstract Art Canvas

Hello Design Dazzle readers!!  I am Ashley from Simply Designing and I am so thrilled to be here today as a Summer Camp counselor!  Today I have a really fun and simple kid craft that is really perfect to beat summer time boredom.  Today I am going to show you how to make a Melted Crayon Abstract Art Canvas!

There are only a few items that you will need to create this really fun crayon project:

  • Crayons (don’t skimp on these, you will need a large box of them and don’t buy an inexpensive brand, Crayola works best)
  • Canvas
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Blow Dryer

First you will hot glue the crayons to the top of the canvas.  You can put the crayons in any order you want, but the colors will mix when melted so I prefer to keep similar colors together.  We laid ours out in rainbow order.

Then use your blow dryer to melt the crayons!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • your crayons will melt in the direction you aim the blow dryer, so be sure to aim your blow dryer downwards
  • the wax will splatter so if possible, you might want to do this outside
  • the wax gets really hot, and will splatter so, don’t actually have your child hold the canvas while blowing it 🙂  this just made a really cute photo to get the point across!

Melt the crayons until your desired look is achieved!

I know we will be spending a lot of time creating and doing art projects together this summer!  And I hope that has given you a little inspiration to create as well!

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Thanks so much for letting me be here today!  And thank you so much to all Design Dazzle readers for stopping by to check out my post!  If you have a moment I’d love for you to visit me on my blog at Simply Designing!  You can also find me on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Google+.
Have a Happy Summer!




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Posted on June 5, 2013
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