Rainy Day Kids Activities

rainy day kids activities

Rainy day season is headed our way (or here for some of us) and it can be very overwhelming when you have no plans that are rainy day proof. We found some rainy day kids activities that can help any parent keep their kids entertained and learning for a good while.

rainy day rainbow goop

 This activity is a container full of rainbow goop and food coloring. Kids can stir up the colors and see the way the colors mix. Add some cookie cutters to make fun shapes in the color. This can keep a child preoccupied for hours.

rainy day color discovery

Another activity that lets kids experiment with color is this water tray. It starts out with just some food coloring and then kids can add water to it to see what color it will become. The more water they add the brighter the color gets.

rainy day kids activities wiggly eye drawing

Glue down wiggly eyes and let kids create whatever wiggly eye animal or monster they want.

rainy day block city

You can build a city out of blocks. Just lay some masking tape down for the city map and your kids can set up buildings out of blocks along the roads. Cars and animals were added for some enjoyment in life in the city.

rainy day marble maze

This marble maze activity you can make really easy. You just take some q-tips and make a maze on some cardboard. Your kid can manipulate the marble through the maze by moving the cardboard.

indoor string scavenger hunt

Indoor string scavenger hunt.

rainy day masking tape track

Make your house into a racetrack for your kids toy cars. They can have fun laying masking tape down for a unique track. You can just pull it off when you are done and the next time you can make a completely different track for some more fun.

rainy day bug hunt

This rainy day activity is called the bug hunt. You can get a bag of plastic bugs and hide them all through out the house. Then your kids go bug hunting and sort their bugs by color on the different colored papers. This helps kids to count and learn their colors.

rainy day gelatin water play

You can make these simple gelatin squares and test them out in cold, warm and hot water. The kids will see how fast the color will melt into the water in the different temperatures. These squishy gelatin squares are just fun to play with in general.

rainy day maze wall art

This chalkboard maze is a quick DIY project. Paint a board with chalkboard paint and let it dry. Then tape down a maze and spray paint over it. Just pull up the tape and you have a tricky maze for your kids. It also serves as good wall art.


Color match objects to playdough.

make a kazoo with kids

Make a kazoo!

rainy day kids activities letter walk

Take kids on a letter walk around inside the house and fold down the letter when you see something that starts with that letter.

rainy day kids activities walking on eggs

Walk on egg cartons for a science experiment.

rainy day bowling

Make a reusable bowling set for some indoor bowling on those rainy days. You can use a pringles can for a great bowling pin; in this picture gerber puffs containers were used. Find an indoor friendly ball and start a bowling tournament.

rainy day spatula hockey

For some more physical activity indoors you can play spatula hockey. Hand your kids some spatulas you don’t care for you can use a hockey puck or even a beanbag for a quick game of hockey.


Clever uses for masking tape and kids games

rainy day balloon volleyball

Another indoor activity that would be perfect for your kids energy level is balloon volleyball. All you need is two chairs a ribbon and a balloon. The goal is to not let the balloon touch the ground and get it over the ribbon.


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