Smart Accessories for Your Smart Teen Girl Bedroom

A teen girl’s bedroom is as much her fashion statement as the clothes she wears and the music she listens to. That’s why parents should let their daughters do most of the decision making when it comes to styling their room.

black and white accessories for a teen girls bedroom


Naturally, there are some things that parents should help out with and supervise, like choosing furniture. It is very important to get a comfortable bed and mattress so that children wouldn’t damage their spines and necks when they should be getting their good night’s rest. Though teen girls don’t really know much about choosing furniture, they could choose their favorite furniture designs on or some other quality furniture providers and parents could work out the technical details.

Once that is taken care of, girls should go ahead and create a bedroom that will show all their friends their creative and stylish side.

Never-ending fun with walls

teen girl artwork

Teen girl’s bedroom walls can express so much of their owner’s persona. They can be featuring:

1) Colour blocking paint job
2) Chic, retro wallpaper
3) A wonderfully painted image (if the girl can paint nicely, she could do it herself)
4) Interesting wall stickers (words, images or both)

 wall accessories for a teen girls bedroom


5) Pictures in nicely crafted photo frames
6) DIY projects like: photos hanging from a string, attached by clothespins
7) Frame posters of her favourite actors, singers, etc.

more wall accessories for a teen girls bedroom


One colourful detail is enough

What usually attracts the most attention in a room is either a big, unusually shaped object or something with unusual or bright colours. It is enough to have fascinating curtains or colourful bedspread, and the bedroom will already look smart, even if everything else is pretty ordinary. Give Ginger and May a visit for cool girls bedspreads.

colorful bedspread in a teen girls bedroom

Even if teen girls are past playing with toys and dolls, they can serve as a very nice decorative element, especially if they are hanging from the wall in an interesting looking “carrier”.

 Display stuffed animals or dolls in a teen room


Even a pretty simple chair with a charmingly patterned slipcover can dominate a room and make it look special. Of course, nice bookshelves with lots of fun books, little cactuses on the desk, photos and wooden sculpture all add to the image of a girl who loves pretty details and knows how to tastefully organize them in a small space.

 Pretty chair in girls bedroom


Show some temperament!

Pink, red, yellow and orange are usually the colours that show temperament. Mixing them with bright green or turquoise can create quite an effect in a girl’s bedroom.

Other than bright colours and matching seemingly unmatchable shades, there is a striped pattern or animal print that is quite popular these days. Girls who are not afraid to experiment with patterns and colours should definitely try to create an “animal-print” bedroom that will certainly grab everyone’s attention.

teen bedroom with zebra print accents

Other things to consider

Though teenagers rarely consider the health element when choosing decoration for their room, parents should advise them on the following:

1) Very bright, “shocking” colours could affects one’s ability to peacefully rest
2) Unusually shaped chairs could hurt the spine if it’s used for long
3) Stuffing a room with too many objects will make it difficult to dust and clean, which could cause allergies
4) TV is usually not a good idea in a bedroom

Good luck creating the smartest teen bedroom on the block!

 This was a guest post written by Eva Stephen. You can visit her blog at Home Interior Tips.

Teen Quilt

Minky Zebra Chair

Teen Headboard

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  1. Celiqa says:
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    I pinned your first room and tagged it saying “forget teenager’s room, I want it”!!!

  2. Sue says:
    March 12, 2013

    Delighted to be mentioned in your post, thank you! Our range of quilts and other bedlinen suitable for teens is growing all the time, both for boys and girls, as it’s a market we’re keen to cater for. I agree that in an otherwise fairly ordinary room a splash of colour or wow factor with a bedspread, a pile of cushions or a rug perhaps, can make all the difference. Plus they’re easy to change and reasonably priced compared to new furniture! Thanks again x Sue @ Ginger & May

  3. Eva Stephen says:
    April 17, 2013

    Hi Celiqa, Many thanks.

    Hi Sue, Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad you liked my work and agreed me.
    Stay awesome.

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