Budget Friendly Boys Room

budget boys bedroom

Take one little boy (well…not so little!) who desperately wants a room makeover and one mom who has had enough of having a bunk bed in a smaller room. Now add in a teeny tiny budget. And yes! You can come up with an amazing boys bedroom!  Nellie from Nellie Bellie redid her son Levi’s room for under $150! Nellie says, “I needed to keep the costs under $150. So, we shopped the house and used as much as we could that was already in the room. We even used parts from the bunk bed. Creative lighting, inexpensive curtains, and creative storage ideas helped keep the budget at $120.00. I know…isn’t that great!”  To decorate on a budget you will need to consider repurposing items in creative ways.  Nellie repurposed a couple of pallets to make a bed. And that wood on the wall? It’s repurposed from the bunk bed!
budget friendly boys room

As for wall paint, Nellie says, “I desperately wanted neutral knowing full well that his tastes would change again. Compromise…neutral on 3 walls with a very cool focal wall in bright colors. It helped greatly that Dutch Boy paints have cool titles like Stone Arrowhead. Oh yeah baby…I could kiss Dutch Boy!” The focal wall has the Fish Scale stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

budget friendly boys room storage ideas

Custom curtains were made using dropcloths.

dropcloth curtains

budget friendly boys room ideas

That neat looking bookshelf on the wall is the repurposed bunk bed ladder.

bedroom light

boys reading nook

An extra closet in the room became this great reading nook! The cushion in it is a dog bed. Nellie says, “Seriously…if you need a cushion for something before you spend the big bucks look in the pet section! I spent $20 on this versus the $40 they wanted for the same things in the “people” department. Best part…the cover is washable.”

To find out more about this budget friendly room, check Nellie’s blog, Nellie Bellie.

Posted on February 15, 2013
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  1. Janel@nelliebellie says:
    February 15, 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing my boy’s bedroom…he loves it and I am so glad others do as well!!

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