Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

I love breakfast food. I could eat breakfast any time of day or night. So when I came across these fabulous Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas, I just had to share! All of these ideas are very inexpensive and are sure to produce a smile when you bring them to the table.

valentines day pancakes

How about waking up your kids with these gorgeous heart pancakes? Instructions can be found here.

Valentines Day Toast

Conversation hearts for breakfast? Sure! If they’re toast! Picture from here.

Or for a little more protein, how about using a cookie cutter to make a festive version of eggs-in-a-basket?

Heart Shaped Hard Boiled Egg

With a little practice, you can make Heart Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs.


Heart Shaped Pancakes

Heart shaped pancakes

Valentines Fruit Kabobs

 Valentine’s Day Fruit Kabobs

Or if chocolate is more your style, how about some Valentine’s Choco Waffles?

And of course, a wonderful Valentine’s Day breakfast needs a wonderful place setting.


Posted on January 29, 2013
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