Interview with Joan Lunden + New Product – Twiztt Cookware

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A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to interview Joan Lunden and try out her new cookware line – Twiztt.  We had a great time getting to know Joan a little better and finding out more about her fabulous new products!

You probably remember Joan as the host of Good Morning America for over 20 years, but some other things you might not know about her are that she is the mother of 7 children (which includes 2 sets of twins!), she has written several books, has her own television show, a skincare line, a home decor collection and we could tell that she is truly passionate about keeping her family and other Americans safe and healthy.

She told us that all four of her youngest children (both boys and girls ages 7 &9) get involved in preparing healthy meals for the family. They take turns being in charge of dinner each night by choosing the menu, helping with the shopping and preparing the meal. What a great way to ensure that your kids are eating a variety of healthy meals and will continue to do so even after they’ve left home!

Joan’s passion for healthy living is what caused her to become involved in her most recent project – launching her new line of cookware called Twiztt.

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About Twiztt

What makes Twiztt cookware unique is that the pans are coated with a ceramic non-stick surface which is totally safe and non-toxic. As you may know, traditional non-stick pans can be harmful and give off toxic fumes if they become scratched or heated too high.

Many products in the cookware line include several pieces and serve dual purposes. Cut food on the cutting board which fits on the melamine bowl. Then transfer your chopped ingredients to the cooking pan. Once done cooking, the pan goes back into the melamine bowl and straight to your table for keeping food warm and pretty presentation.

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Other favorite features include the measuring lines inside the pans, pour spouts on all pots, heat-resistant handles and locking lids to easily drain water from your pan. Twiztt products are currently sold exclusively at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Joan shared a quick and easy pizza recipe with us:

Quick Mini Pizza Recipe

1. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese in a small circle directly in the pan

2. Kids can choose their ingredients and add to top of cheese

3. Place a pre-made mini pizza crust on top of pizza toppings

4. Allow to cook and then flip over and serve


For more delicious recipes, visit

We had a fabulous time chatting with Joan for almost and hour! She was truly a pleasure to speak with and her new Twizzt products are definitely worth checking out.

Posted on December 28, 2012
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