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Hi everyone, I am Louisa from The Little Big Company, Mel and I run the Event/Dessert Buffet Styling side of The Little Big Company and I also own The Little Big Company -online party, homewares, gifts and toy store for both little and big people!

We were delighted that Toni asked LBC to be a part of the Summer Camp – between Mel and I we have 6 children, so we got them all together on the holidays and went to the beach, collected shells and other bits and pieces and came home and had a fun day of crafts and cooking!

Being party stylists means that we have alot of jars, props, crafts and being mums we seem to accumulate lots of bit and bobs. We placed all the things we found at the beach and other fun things in a huge jar and we called it “Summer in a Jar” and put it on the table — much to the excitement of the children !!!!- we put all sorts of crafty things, including cooking chocolate and jelly crystals in it, with the finds on the beach.

The kids were delighted and began making an “Under the Sea Theme”. We made a snow globe with the finds from the beach, a beach house jar with their names on mini flags, using a stamper, chocolate sea shells, chocolate beach house and seals –  Mermaid Secrets, chocolates in Oysters with jelly beans, pink coral in chocolate cups, blue jelly with coins in it – which we called buried treasure! Clams which we made out of little pastry cups..We had lots of fun, the kids have kept their “Under the Sea” snow globes which are made out of a jar and it’s a lovely memory of school holidays!

Our lovely friend Cherie from Sweetness on the Page, runs her own party printables shop online here she decided to join in with the Summer fun theme and created FREE printables for the lovely Design Dazzle readers.

You can download them here for FREE – just press the Download Button


On the beach with Grandma who came along to help!
“Summer in a Jar” full of craft surprises


My daughter India-Sophia sticking green play dough to the inside of the jar, then pushing in the Sea Horse into the play dough – to make the Under the Ocean Snow Globe


India-Sophia placing all the lovely finds from the beach into the snow globe jar – we have used a glass jar but you can buy plastic ones and they work just aswell.


She has finished the Under the Ocean Snow Globe


Mel’s son Elias making the chocolate starfish, beachhouse, shells, sea horse and seal, mould bought from our craft store for $3 – we melted the chocolate in the microwave then Elias placed in mould
We placed them in the freezer, then popped them out of the mould


The kids had fun making an underwater scene with edible clams, we joined two mini pastry tart shells together with buttercream and placed a white jellybean inside to make a pearl!!
These are called  Mermaids Secrets -We got this idea from La Dinette below, but we decided to use Oyster shells instead!!! they were washed first, then placed in boiling water overnight with a touch of lemon in it to take the smell out!! then the kids had great fun placing chocolate and jellybeans in them!!!

This is from La Dinette, she used Jelly and fondant balls

We placed colourful meringues in mini ice-cream cones


The kids made their own “Summer in a Jar” as keepsake
We made pink coral! pink buttercream in chocolate cups
The kids enjoyed making blue jelly placing edible fish in one and chocolate coins in the other making “Buried Treasure Jelly”
We had more fun with the mini meringues and ice-cream cones..plus we bought fish lollies from the supermarket!
We had some pink lemonade with our “Under the Sea” afternoon tea
and we found lots of crystals in the craft jar.. the kids had loads of fun that day and we sure did eat alot of yummy chocolate!


The lovely Cherie from Sweetness on the Page  made some free printables dowload here   (just press the Download Now Button) if you want to have a summer “under the sea” party


Louisa from The Little Big Company

Melissa from The Little Big Company 


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    Thanks for such fun ideas! The FREE printable is wonderful!

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    July 18, 2011

    Free printables -woohoo! I'll be using them for an upcoming event. Thanks.

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    Hi…Your post really got me thinking man….. an intelligent piece ,I must say. Get more information about Craft parties .

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